As you’ve seen throughout this website, the redwood forest can be a mystical place, and Humboldt Redwoods State Park is home to one of the strangest of these mysteries: albino redwoods. Often called "ghosts of the forest," albino redwoods have white foliage and cannot photosynthesize. These unique trees have baffled scientists for over a hundred years. Redwood researchers Zane Moore and Tom Stapleton will explain the most up-to-date research on these scientific treasures as we journey to a few living examples of these “ghosts.” Come join both men as they start to unravel the mysteries behind these fascinating trees. Tom & Zane will be presenting their findings at Humboldt Redwood State Park on June 27th & 28th. There will be four talks presented over the two-day period in several formats.

• Saturday 6/27 11:00 am: Interpretive walk-in Founders Grove discussing albino redwoods within the grove. Duration: 60-90 minutes

• Saturday 6/27 5:00 pm: Presentation to park docents on the latest redwood discoveries. This event will be held at the park's visitors center & is formatted for park docents and the scientific community. Duration: 45-60 minutes.

• Saturday 6/27 8:00 pm: Campfire Talk. Presentation on albino redwoods to park visitors and the public. Duration: 45 minutes.

• Sunday 6/28 3:00 pm: Interpretive walk-in Drury Chaney Grove discussing albino redwoods within this area of the park. Duration: 90 minutes.

Tom & Zane would like to welcome you to attend one of the following presentations listed above and they hope to see you there.