The Nonchimeric variegated albino redwood (NCV for short) exhibits some of the most interesting mosaic patterns seen in albino redwoods. Appearing as if an artist was painting white needles with a dry green brush, the NCV displays a beautiful arrangement of green & white colors. Within its needles, loosely arranged strips of white and green cells comprise most of this mutation's foliage.  Branches that appear light green in color can fade to white toward the tips. Other than the pattern of fading and striping of the foliage, the variegation on NCV’s appears random without a sense of order. Like Cellular Virescent Green albinos, the pigment in NCV’s can darken and lighten up over time, but will not disappear altogether. To date, there are approximately 35 NCV’s which have been found mostly in basal form throughout the natural range.





 In these pictures, we can see the fading of green to white as one moves down the branch toward the tip.